How You Can Make N500,000 or More Monthly from the Comfort of Your Home Using Your Internet Enabled Mobile Phone 


                             by Jide Adedeji
                               Ipaja, Lagos | December 8, 2021

Are you a Working Class person and you presently find it difficult to meet up with necessary expenses due to meagre salary and current inflation?

Are you a Business Owner who needs second source of income to grow your business and achieve your dream?

If you belong to any of these 2 categories above make sure you do away with all forms of distraction and read this to the end

The information you are about to get has changed many lives including mine and is capable of giving you the financial breakthrough you desire if you implement what you'll learn

I am Jide Adedeji, the CEO of Jendodiamond Ltd., an Ecommerce Expert, and a Smart Forex Trader who now regularly bank seven figures monthly online.

I am not one of those self acclaimed Gurus. But I have personally groomed a good number of people who are now Making steady Income on the Internet.

The whole thing was not as sweet as it is now few years ago. I was just having the same money issues like every other average Hustler on the street.

Even though I was working at a bank then, I was basically living from hand to mouth and  3/4 of my monthly salary would always go for payment of my staff loan.

I really suffered as I was a family man who had a long list of expenses with only one source of income which was my shikini Salary

I could hardly afford to change my shoes and shirts but I would always make sure my shirts were clean and well ironed to package myself in the office

Haven realized my poor financial condition, I started looking for a side income which could make life easier for myself and my family

In September 2019 precisely my financial story changed for good when I met a young successful man on the Internet who was holding a life training on ''How to make a Bank manager's kind of salary monthly on the Internet''

I was skeptical at first as I had lost huge sum of money to ponzi schemes like Mustard Seed, MMM and the likes before that time.

Thank goodness I was able to overcome my fear and I later attended the training. That was the beginning of my journey into the realm of financial freedom

Since then I have done a number of online businesses and then this gold mine business; CPA Affiliate Marketing

  What is CPA Affiliate Marketing in few words?


I’ll try to answer this as simple as possible.

You see,

The full meaning of CPA is Cost per Action 

And here’s the shocker…

Every single one of us does CPA AFFLIATE MARKETING

The difference is some are paid for it, while some are not paid for it – because they don’t know there is a way they can be paid for it.

Let me explain…

And I have a deal with ShopRite

And ShopRite says,

Jide, for everyone one you refer to ShopRite for the first time to make a purchase –

Depending on the purchase the person makes on the first time he/she come in to our outlet,

We’re going to pay you a certain amount for that first time alone.

Take for instance their total purchase on that first day is  N3000

Jide, we’ll pay you N6000 – for referring that person to us.

So there is a pre-agreed amount 

You’ll be paid for an action some body takes with that business.

Now, you may be wondering…

Why will they pay me N6000 since the person only spent N3000 on that first day?

The answer is,

ShopRite knows that a customer is always a customer

And that once someone patronize them and love their service 

The person could patronize them 20 more times during that year

Which means they’ll continue to make money as the person keeps coming to shop.

And the N6000 they paid you the first time the person patronize them 

Is far less than the money they’ll keep making as the person patronize them over time.

You get it?

I gave this analogy to help you understand what CPA AFFLIATE MARKETING is

But just that this time,

Instead of referring people to buy from ShopRite,

You’re referring them to Forex Brokers.

And that’s because they pay the highest – when you refer people to trade with them.

For example…

Imagine getting this in a month

Or this...

You can withdraw your commission directly to your local bank account

That’s how rewarding CPA AFFILIATE MARKETING WITH FOREX Brokers is.

And here is how to get started in 3 steps

  1. Choose a broker (companies trading forex/crypto)
  2. Find out their CPA deals
  3. You start referring people to them.

Let me explain,

To make this as clear as possible,

Let’s start with the first one;

Choosing a Broker 

A quick search on google will give you a list of these forex brokers

But not all of them are credible enough…

So to find out the ones that are credible,

Here are the 3 things you need to look out for….

  • Use Google Map to Look at their address and confirm that they actually exist where they say they are.
  • Ask for their operating license
  • Find out about when they started business – as you already know, a broker with 20 years is more trustworthy compared to a broker that started 6 months ago. 

Any broker that meet these criteria is a good one

You get it?

Let’s move to the next one

Finding out the Broker’s CPA DEAL

A good way to find out from existing affiliates of the broker how much they get per sign ups

This way,

You won’t be short charging yourself.

You could also check their website to see their OFFERS.

Soon, I’ll show you how to get brokers that offer deals like $200 -$700 per account.

But for now,

Let’s move to the last step;

Start Referring people interested in trading to your Broker

Here’s how to do it;

Go to the pages of people who refer to themselves as Forex coach,

and connect with their followers – as this people are interested in trading forex that’s why they are following these experts.

Once you connect with them, send them a message. 

Now, on your Social Media Account ( the one you connected with them with)

Upload a professional picture of yourself 

And start dropping free trading signals and educational contents about FOREX Trading every day

Don’t worry. Soon, 

I’ll show you where to get this trading signals, educational contents and I’ll also give you access to testimonials from former students so you could share them on your profile too,

This way, your prospect immediately sees you as an expert and will start asking you about how forex works -and how to get started

Then you direct them to your partner (broker) to sign up and you get your payment for referring them.

You get it?

And as you’ll see,

And the good thing here is you get paid in US Dollars ($) so you are not affected by the constant loss in value of Naira

And just within few weeks after implementing what you are about to learn

You can also join others to share testimonies like some of our students and colleagues below:

John S. from Nigeria who pockets $1,700 plus every single month doing CPA MARKETING

Or Ayodele who does over $3000 per month doing CPA MARKETING

and Rolland  a young man in here in Nigeria who pocketed his first $2700 in his first month doing CPA MARKETING

I myself made $650 in my first month by getting only Traders Registered in the month as seen below

In Conclusion:

I recommend the CPA Affiliate Marketing business because:

  • You don't need a lot of money to start (You can start with Free Traffic by Simply Following our effective method)
  • The Forex market  is HUGE(about $6.6 trillion daily volume) and UNLIMITED (you will never run out of getting people to refer)
  • ​You don't need a shop or office to start
  • And the profits can be fast and crazy (I myself made $650 in my 1st Month which is about N351,000  )

​So, How Come a Lot of Nigerians Are Not Doing This?

​​There are three reasons:

(1) They don't know about the business

(2) They know about it but they lack enough information to get started and succeed with it.

(3) CPA Affiliate Marketing business works best if you are determined and willing to put in some work.

But the good thing is that you can rake in a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use a proven system.

Talking about a proven system, permit me to introduce to you the man who has helped many people to succeed with CPA Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria.

His name is Michael Olatunji

He is holding a Webinar next Sunday where he explains how you can start a CPA Affiliate Marketing business and make it profitable within few weeks.

During the Training He Will Show You:

  • The Fundamentals of CPA MARKETING
  • How to secure CPA Deals
  • How to get Traffic to CPA Offers
  • How to get your Signups to qualify for Commission
  • How to process and withdraw your Commission

Normally, he charges N50,000 for his Training but he plans to empower 1000 Africans and the first 200 people can get access to the Webinar Training at a discount today for just N2,000

One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that Michael Olatunji will explain in the Webinar training.

It is now your decision to make.

 Access the Discount here on Our WhatsApp Page

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