The high ROI business only Few Nigerians know about

Why I left my banking job to focus on this Business and was able to pay off my N1,000,000 staff loan within a year

Dear Friend,


Are you currently finding it difficult to pay your bills?

Are you tired of the your present 9-5p.m job ?

I am Jide Adedeji, the CEO of Jendodiamond Ltd. and an Internet Marketer who now regularly bank seven figures monthly online.

I am not one of those self acclaimed Gurus. But I have personally trained a good number of people who are now successful Digital Marketers.

The whole thing was not as sweet as it is now few years ago. I was just having the same money issues like every other average Hustler on the street.

Even though I was working at a bank then, I was basically living from hand to mouth and  3/4 of my monthly salary would always go for payment of my staff loan.

I really suffered as I was a family man who had a long list of expenses with only one source of income which was my shikini Salary

I could hardly afford to change my shoes and shirts but I would always make sure my shirts were clean and well ironed to package myself in the office

Haven realized my poor financial condition, I started looking for a side income which could make life easier for myself and my family

In September 2019 precisely my financial story changed for good when I met a young successful man on the Internet who was holding a life training on ”How to make a Bank manager’s kind of salary monthly on the Internet”

I was skeptical at first as I had lost huge sum of money to forex trading, crypto currency, and ponzi schemes like MMM before that time.

Thank goodness I was able to overcome my fear and I later attended the training. Just few minutes into the training I realized this would be the life changing opportunity I had been looking for

I found out the whole thing is just an old form of buying and selling now being done in a new and improved way

Let me use a physical product as an example:

Your close friend, Ada has a boutique and has about 10 pairs of a fine Nike sneakers in stock

You saw these sneakers while with Ada at her boutique and found out that the price for each pair is N7,000

Meanwhile, you just remembered that the Accountant at your office just got a similar type of sneakers for N15,000

As a smart guy, you take some pictures of Ada’s sneakers and showed them to your office staffs the following working day with a price tag of N11,000

4 of the Staffs picked interest and eventually got the sneakers at N11,000

Here is the analysis of what just happened:

No of sneakers pair sold = 4

Profit you make per sneakers sold = 11000 – 7000 = N4,000

Amount you keep as profit = 4 x 4000 = N16,000

You simply pay Ada her N28,000 and keep your own profit of N16,000 from the sales of the 4 pairs of Sneakers

Guess what just happened here:

Ada is happy she sold 4 sneakers pair through you
The Staffs are happy as they rock their new quality sneakers
You are happy you just earned an extra N16,000 income

I call this Business Model “Smart Affiliate Marketing”

The example above shows exactly what affiliate marketing is all about except that in this scenario you promote digital products

Globally Affiliate Marketing alone is worth $12 billion(N4.94 trillion) as at 2021


After knowing about the business potential

I wanted to know more.

So, I learnt a lot about the business model

The first affiliate product I promoted to test out the model was ”How to Relocate to Canada without Using Visa Agents”.

I sold about 10 copies within 2 weeks using WhatsApp and Facebook Advert and made a total commission of N125,000

Even till date the product still pays N12,500 per successful sale

My total profits after removing Advert cost and others was N102,000

How many businesses in Nigeria will give you a pure profit of  N102,000 presently within 2 weeks?

But unfortunately, only a few people are aware of this business.

Well, I have made huge amount of money from it since then and even introduced the secrete to only few of my friends and family.

See some of the proofs from my colleagues and friends doing Affiliate Marketing already

This business model works based on 3 things:

(1) Learn and get special Training from successful Affiliates

(2) Register on a reliable Affiliate Marketing Program (I will show you one)

(3) Selling the products using a genius marketing method to make a good return

As you can see, this business is not for broke people.

You should have a minimum of N50,000 to get started.

Then you need either a smart phone or system for the business

Talking about this proven system, permit me to introduce to you the same man who taught me the proven system I use to profit from Affiliate Marketing

His name is Toyin Omotoso and, he will be showing you in his Free Video how you can start Affiliate Marketing with as low as N50,000 to generate crazy income monthly.

He is a busy man. I have been on his neck to do this training video for more than 3 months now. That means if you miss out on this Free Video , he most likely would take it down anytime soon as he can only attend to few people at a time.

So, if you will like to watch, click the green button below to register and Access the Video.

Enjoy the video and Learn from it.

Jide Adedeji